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Monday, April 26, 2010

LOVE or CAREER? Which will you PICK? ...

If the love is forcing the career down and makes life so miserable, then that not really love. The love is not real. And if the career is keeping you from your love, and fear to lose a job, and have lot of overtime, its time to change career.
But How will balance them??

Having career first really gives us a sense of accomplishment and self worth. Aside of handling responsibility like paying bills. Elevating their career to a level of great important int their lives.

I will pick Career before Love for I have to be sure that I am financially stable so that i will be able to finance my needs, save for my emergency purposes & have a financial stability for the sake of myself & my future family. Love for me will come at the right time & right reason if I am not meant to be with someone then be it than being with someone & have nothing to use in case I am in need.

we have a point. Now a days many people focus on career first and family later. May be the reason for this is that while we are young, we have a lot time and energy to fulfill and concentrate our self to a career.

so is it love and career are interrelated? A true love will understand one's career. But we should not expect the career will understand too. actuallyit is both equally important. We can't live without career,and we can't be happy without love.So for me,I think career is more important to the people without lover.Of course,it's ashamed to abandon your love for career.

If i have to choose one then i will choose both because with out love my career is nothing and without career my love is useless so i will choose both.Choosing both, need to find a work life balance that allows us to experience the joys of love and maintaining a successful career, from this we can find happy and rewarding life. Family can help us to celebrate every success of our achievement in out career,and give us more confidence to face failures.

but there have another point of view in which if I would definitely choose my career...If the love forcing the career down its not really a love.A love should understand,a love should not be the hindrance of one's career ..Career and love must unite to a successful YOU.In my point of view, if the love is true no matter what you do he/she had to cooperate and stay with you..otherwise its no use and no truth.Now I'm happy with my career and if the love will be the hindrance of my achievements, i would leave the love behind and pursue with my career. agree with this statement??

Love is like a pet; it dies unexpectedly, it doesn't speak a language we understand, sometimes it's sloppy, and sometimes it's cute, but it's rarely something that you would stake your life on.
Work on your career. Get your life in order. Real career opportunities are far and few in between. Men, on the other hand, are everywhere...yup, so the conclusion is Career for me is my most priority but i don't know about all of name it as u mean it..isn't it?

Friday, April 23, 2010

electrical Wiring...

ni la project wiring kitaorg..akhirnya siap juga..huhu...lega rasanya bila berjaya wat....
Chaiyookkk cik dalalin mayamin bt shafie....